Certification the Contribution Is Not From a
Foreign National

Starting on June 11th, all PAC, union, business, tribe, and other contributions from anyone other than an individual will need to be accompanied by a certification that the funds are not from a foreign entity and that foreign nationals were not involved in the decision making process.  

If the donor does not provide this within ten business days, the contribution has to be refunded.

The certification can be either physical or electronic, and here’s an example from the new WAC:

I certify that the entity ___________________ (name of entity) making this contribution is not organized under the laws of, and does not have its principal place of business in, a foreign country. This contribution is not financed in any part by a foreign national, and foreign nationals were not involved in making decisions regarding the contribution in any way.

Amount of Contribution:

Date of Contribution:

Name of Authorized Agent:

Date Submitted: