About Rep. Lekanoff

She is a mom first and a 20+ year public servant.

a message from debra

Dear 40th LD,

My work over the past two years in Olympia on your behalf have been the proudest, most rewarding of my career. 

During my time in Olympia, I have sponsored more than two hundred bills and worked tirelessly to bring positive change to all facets of life here in Washington. Together, we have increased protections for to our environment, expanded accessibility to affordable housing, raised greater awareness of workforce and employment needs, and so much more.

My work has always centered on bringing everyone to the table together, and through that I’ve consistently found productive paths forward that have helped our communities grow and thrive in responsible ways. With arms stretched wide I have worked to build coalitions and embrace all as we work together towards our common goal of creating the best country, the best state, and the best 40th LD that we can.


about debra

The Background

Rep. Lekanoff has served as a public servant to citizens for more than two decades years serving the 40th Legislative District, Washington state, Tribal communities locally, and nationally.

She is committed to the strength of our communities and believes that we all have a role to help this place be sustainable. We are the people of the Salish Sea, whether we call ourselves environmentalists, business and industry leaders, farmers, fishermen, grandmothers or advocates. Rep. Lekanoff believes we live in the most beautiful district in Washington, from the lakes and mountains of Whatcom county to the powerful rivers of the Skagit, to the islands of the Salish sea. We all walk the shores here.


Why Re-Election?

As I look towards the future of Washington State and the 40th LD, I hold salmon eggs in one hand and seeds in the other, with an understanding that a responsible balance must drive us forward. It is vital that we take care of our environment and our ecosystems so that they may be enjoyed by the next seven generations to come.

I remain committed to supporting the growth of our economy and businesses right here in the 40th, while ensuring that our Salish Sea, our salmon, our orcas, and all creatures that call this beautiful place home are safe and healthy.

My platform stems from the needs of the 40th LD, and the concerns of our communities. I will continue to work on your behalf in Olympia, and will always be your champion for the issues that most directly impact our home.