Dear Friends, 

Earlier this month we celebrated an incredible milestone for community support and job training here in Northwest Washington.

Evergreen Goodwill celebrated their 100th birthday!


The Evergreen Goodwill in Mount Vernon


The nonprofit first opened in 1923, with the branch in Mount Vernon Opening in 1998. For a full century this important organization has supported communities across the country.


In particular, I want to highlight the tremendous impact that the Mount Vernon job training center has had here in the 40th LD. Over the last quarter century, more than 900 people have gone through their training program, setting members of our community up for good jobs and a better life.


Happy birthday, Evergreen Goodwill! We’re all looking forward to the new store opening up in Sedro-Woolley later this year.


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“Stay Safe, Stay Healthy” 
Rep. Debra Lekanoff


John Scanlon for Whatcom County Council 


Next, I want to take a quick moment and tell you about John Scanlon, who is currently running for Whatcom County Council.


John has two decades of public policy and advocacy work, he will make an incredible Councilmember for Whatcom, and I am proud to endorse his campaign!



According to his website:


“Jon served at the U.S. State Department, at humanitarian aid organizations, and as a human rights advocate. He has negotiated with countries across the Pacific Rim, won an award for supporting Liberia’s post-war recovery, helped create legislation to provide more transparency for taxpayers, and has supported countless farmers, communities, and Indigenous leaders who stand up for their rights.”


John is a dedicated and passionate individual who I know will work tirelessly to ensure Whatcom is taken care of – today, and for the next seven generations to come.


I hope that he can count on your support. If you’d like to learn more or contribute to his campaign, click here.



Candidates Who Deserve Your Support

Following my endorsement of John, I want to highlight the other candidates running in 2024 that I have already endorsed – Bob Ferguson for Governor, Barry Buchanan for Whatcom County Executive, and Bonnie Bowers for Anacortes Port Commissioner!



It has been a pleasure to work with Bob as Attorney General and I am so grateful for his ongoing support as I have served in the People’s House.


Now, I am thrilled to return that support as he begins this journey into the next phase of his service to Washington and Washingtonians! I hope you’ll consider joining him as well.


To learn more about Bob and his work, click here.

Barry is a Navy Veteran, a musician, a fourth-generation resident of Whatcom County, and the current Chair of the Whatcom County Council.


Barry was first elected to public office as the President of his neighborhood association. Inspired by his neighbors, he then turned his energies toward the Bellingham City Council, where he served one term, and then the County Council, where he served for ten years.


To learn more about Barry and to give him your support, check out his website here.


Bonnie was raised in the Skagit Valley, attended the FBI National Academy, and worked for 33 years in law enforcement – including as the Anacortes Police Chief!


She was elected to the Port Commission in 2019, and has worked to support our communities through sustainable industry and commerce. She has had an incredible impact here in the 40th LD, and I am proud to support her as she runs for re-election!


If you are interested in supporting Bonnie as well, campaign signs are available by emailing [email protected].


For more information on her and her campaign, check out her website here.



Neilson Powless in the Tour de France


Now I’d like to take a moment to update you on Neilson Powless, who is currently competing in the Tour de France.


A few years ago, Neilson made history as the first Native person to ride in the Tour de France, and this year he lead the King of Mountains competition for the first two weeks, meaning he was at the front of the pack as the best climber in this year’s Tour!



Unfortunately, as the tour winds down this weekend, it does not look like Neilson will take home the King of Mountains championship in the tour. He rode incredibly well, and we are all proud of his efforts.


Neilson is of Oneida descent and grew up in California. He has been an incredible inspiration for years now, and I am so happy to see him competing for this prestigious honor in the Tour de France.


If you want to learn more about the Tour, or follow along as they progress, click here.



Drug Task Forces in Washington 


In recent weeks we have talked about the importance of drug task forces, and we have talked about legislation around drug possession in Washington State.


Today, I want to highlight the importance of funding these drug task forces, and how necessary it is that we take concrete steps in our upcoming legislative session to fund and support them as they do their work to help our communities.


Drug task forces are the longest standing, proven methodology that brings governing bodies together to coordinate on a shared strategy that helps protect our communities. I am so grateful for the Governor’s office, the agencies, and my fellow legislators for exploring solutions to support and fund these important task forces.


As we look ahead to 2024, we must pass a state law that will ensure that we are investing in the other half of the drug crisis, which is the prevention alongside the healing. We can help those who are impacted by the drug crisis through investing in mental health, recovery, and rehabilitation for those who are suffering from addiction.


There will be more news coming in regards to funding and supporting drug task forces here in Washington, so keep an eye out in future newsletters. Just know that this will always be a priority of mine, and through our work we can support these task forces, and those impacted by the drug crisis.