Hello 40th LD!

As I reflect on these past three years, working on your behalf and representing the 40th LD has truly been the honor of my lifetime. I am proud to go to work each day to advocate and fight for the things that are important to you and this place we call home. 

Together we have accomplished so many incredible things, and our work is just beginning. I’m proud to say that I am running for a third term to serve as your voice in Olympia! It’s time for action, and we have to create continuity in our decision making across all departments to ensure that once we have set our sights on a goal we are all working together. 

As we look to the future, we must begin to build accountability, and we have to take responsibility for how our actions today will impact the next seven generations to come. As we roll up our sleeves and continue to move forward with fixing our infrastructure, addressing climate change, and bringing greater equity to our justice system, we need to be ready to do the work to have the difficult conversations. 

During my time in Olympia, and throughout my life, I have always made space at my kitchen table. Everyone in the 40th LD has a voice at my table, and through collaboration and conversation I know that we can solve any problem. I’m excited to continue working on your behalf in Olympia, and I will always strive to help create the best 40th LD possible. 

Tonight at midnight is when all fundraising and campaign efforts will need to come to a pause until the spring. Help us raise $5,000 by TONIGHT at 11:59 pm to ensure that we are set up for the strongest possible campaign in 2021. 

Click here to donate: https://bit.ly/2Zte6jy

“Stay Safe, Stay Healthy”
Rep. Debra Lekanoff

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