June 25, 2020 Statement by Debra Lekanoff

In my nearly 50 years in this world, I have seen and experienced discrimination first-hand as a woman of color. I have grieved with the mothers who have lost their children to unprovoked violence based on the color of their skin and have watched over my lifetime seeing people who looked like me face hardship based on race.

Most recently, we had an incident happen in our own home community here in the 40th LD. A Skagit County teenager was beaten, held at gunpoint, and had a racial slur written in marker across his forehead after the physical assault. All because he is Latino.

Enough is enough. We do not treat one another this way – NOT in our district and NOT in our state. It is time that justice is served. Yesterday, I joined our community members at a protest for that young man, Joel. I stand in solidarity with our families and community at our kitchen table together to make the 40th LD a safe home for us all. As your State Representative and a mother, I cannot let the systems fail us. I am here in the fight with you alongside our allies and colleagues.

My commitment to you is to bring light to the darkness of these systemic issues, treat everyone with humanity, and make this a safer world for our children.