Dear Friends, 

Each week I am reminded of the strength and resiliency we have here in Washington State. We continue to support one another and lift up those in our communities who need our help. Though the COVID-19 pandemic looms large, we should all remain confident that we will get through this together. 

My colleagues and I have been working hard to find the best path forward to reopen our economy in phases, keeping the health and safety of all of Washington as our top priority. We must make decisions, informed by science and experts, that focus on stemming any further spread of COVID-19. We will emerge from this pandemic stronger and more resilient than ever. For information on COVID-19 and the resources available to you and your loved ones, visit Governor Inslee’s dedicated webpage

We should all be proud of the work we have done over the recent months. Thank you to everyone who has made sacrifices by staying home as much as possible to flatten the curve, and a huge thank you to our frontline workers – those in healthcare, our food growers and grocery workers, and our first responders. Thank you for keeping us safe in these uncertain times. 

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“Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” 

Rep. Lekanoff


For more than a decade I have had the pleasure of working with Senator McCoy, and he has consistently been an incredible source of advice and experience. As a Native woman, I look to John as my elder and a guiding voice in my life. When I first came to the Legislature, John took incredible care to educate me on issues and support me in my work.

I want to again take a moment and thank Senator McCoy for his hard work and dedication. I will miss him terribly, but both he and his beloved wife, Jeannie, have earned a rest.


Last Friday, I had the pleasure to virtually join a number of upcoming candidates and Orcas Women’s Coalition for an enlightening conversation over a cup of coffee. OWC has been part of our family since I first ran in 2018, and they have provided invaluable expertise on the issues they face on the islands.

During this challenging time, OWC has stepped up and volunteered to help those who need it most in their communities. Once again, they lead by example, showing that the health of our neighbors always comes first.

 In light of the current disruptions to the food supply chain caused by the pandemic, we also discussed how we can spotlight actions the San Juan County Food System team is doing to address the immediate need and prepare for a more resilient future. Keep reading for more information!


Like other communities across the country, San Juan County is grappling with disruptions to the food supply chain, a growing level of food insecurity, and challenges in our local production capacity to meet the increased demand. It is the right time to look deeply at our strengths and weaknesses in order to meet the immediate need, while planning for a more resilient future.

The pandemic has compelled us to move from assessment to action. One immediate priority is to facilitate the distribution of grants to scale up production on farms throughout the county. By teaming up and focusing our work in the context of creating a strategic Food System Plan for our county, the efforts of all stakeholders involved will be more coordinated and effective as we move forward together.

Please contact Caitlin Leck at with any questions.


We’re under a week away from the (virtual) kick-off of my first re-election campaign! We’ll be livestreaming the event on Facebook on April 30 at 5:00PM PDT, and I’d love it if you could join me. You can click this link to RSVP and get all the info you need.

As we come closer to launching my first re-election campaign, we have a growing list of endorsements and we would be honored to add your name to that list. You can endorse Re-Elect Debra Lekanoff here


To celebrate Earth Day this year, I went for a walk in the rain with my daughter, and we reflected on our appreciation of Mother Earth and all that she does for us.

As we shelter in place and do what we can to care for our communities, we see our Mother has taken a great deep breath. We see the animals come out, we watch our skies clear.

We must continue to care for our environment and ecosystems, and I am committed to creating responsible sustainable growth that protects Mother Earth and keeps her healthy.

 Check out this video for my full thoughts on Earth Day!